We link to many places,
We link to many things,
We link to a few people,
Such knowledge we do bring.

Indeed. Links! Check 'em out. Check out this new women's mountain biking club. Founding members had been active in the local chapter of Wombats - the Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society - but decided to make it local. Rides and clinics abound! The Arctic Bicycle Club offers a schedule of races and recreational rides for mountain and road biking. Meet other Anchorage-area cyclists and explore the local trails. Want to get involved in preserving and creating luscious singletrack trails? Go to this site to see what’s up with this Anchorage-area group. International Mountain Bicycling Association helps provide sustainable trail solutions and keep the dirt trails open to mountain bikes while teaching responsible behavior. Shouldn’t you be a member of IMBA? Planning a trip to Alaska and want to take in one of our epic backcountry rides? Check out this site to learn about guided trips, led by local folks who know where they’re going! Rent a bike or kayak ... or both at Eklutna Lake. You’ll have a memorable experience at Eklutna or the other locations where the bikes are available. Michael Dinneen has been capturing the Alaskan outdoors one photo at a time. View his work on this site, then hire him for your next event. My thanks go out to Mike for the use of two photos on the back cover of Mountain Bike Anchorage. You’re in bear country now. Learn about bear behavior and how you should behave when you encounter a bruin on the trails or in your neighborhood. Writer Bill Sherwonit teaches travel and adventure writing. He offers a workshop in late July at Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast, near Homer. Escape your phone and computer for this writing retreat.